Travel Requirements for Minors

Date Posted: September 23, 2022

A. Unaccompanied Minors

Unaccompanied Minors (between 11 to 17 years old). Please see below requirements/procedure:

  • Passenger must be endorsed by his/her parent/guardian to the Boarding Officers on the day of departure.
  • Valid ID of the passenger and the parent/guardian is required.
  • It is the Boarding Officer's discretion if the minor passenger will be allowed or denied to board the vessel. Minor passenger and parent/guardian will be interviewed.
  • If minor is allowed to board, the parent/guardian must accomplish and sign a Waiver Form and provide his/her contact number and address as well as the details of the guardian/parent who will fetch the minor at the destination.
  • The minor will only be released to the named guardian/parent upon presentation of valid identification and after signing an acknowledgment relating to the minor's proper turnover.
  • Presentation of complete and valid travel documents (requirements of LGUs if any).

B. Minors

Minors who are 2-11 years old will be charged either the Child rate which is 75% of the regular fare or Full promo fare, whichever is lower. They are entitled to have their own bunk allocation provided below requirements are met:

  • Accompanied by a legal-aged passenger.
  • Presentation of valid identification like School ID or birth certificate.
  • Presentation of complete and valid travel documents (requirements of LGUs if any).

C. Infants

Infants (Below 2 years old and below 1 meter in height) may be allowed to travel but still subject to and discretion of the boarding officer and provided that the following conditions and requirements are met:

  • With birth certificate to establish infant's age and relationship to the adult he/she is travelling with.
  • Accompanied by a legal-aged passenger.
  • With medical certificate from the pediatrician stating that the infant is fit to travel.
  • Before boarding the vessel parent or guardian must signed a waiver.
  • Presentation of complete and valid travel documents (requirements of LGUs if any).

Note: Ticket/s may be issued at the Port on the day of departure. Ticket Fare is Php500.00 per infant regardless of accommodation and destination. They will be sharing the bed with the legal-aged passenger.

***Passengers are encouraged to coordinate with the concerned Local Government Units (LGUs) of their final destination for any additional requirements, protocols and restrictions for Unaccompanied Minors, Minors and Infants.***