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For as low as Php999*
Book from May 16 to May 22, 2023

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  • Sail TO MANILA and vv from:
  • 🚢 Bacolod
  • 🚢 Cebu
  • 🚢 Iloilo
  • 🚢 Tagbilaran

For as low as PHP 999*

*Terms and conditions apply.

*Fares Inclusive of 50kg baggage allowance, meals, and accommodations.

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Pet Travel


  1. Kayang-kaya na mag travel ng inyong mga alaga (all breeds of dogs and cats*) to all 2GO destinations onboard ALL our vessels! Kasama man kayo onboard or travelling with you.
  2. Kung hindi man kayo kasama, may pet handlers onboard who will look after them! You can be assured of the best and safest onboard pet care with the staff checking on them regularly during the trip plus easy turnover and pullout of your pets from the origin to the destination.
  3. At syempre, we make sure na walang hassle sa pet travel requirements dahil our helpful agents are here to assist you every step of the way. Iba ang alagang 2GO Pet Travel!

*ALL breeds of dogs and cats are allowed on the vessel provided that they are properly caged (sturdy, clean, and escape-proof cages). Requirements din ang Health Certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian within the last 3 days prior to travel, proof of rabies vaccinations, and shipping permit from the Bureau of Animal Industry.

Book the 2GO Pet Travel Service by calling our hotline 02- 8528 7400 now!

Stay safe always. Travel responsibly.