Pre-Boarding Reminders:
1. Passengers need to present a clear and signed copy of this document in the Corporate Ticketing Office at the pier of departure prior to boarding.

2. Passengers will be asked to present proper identification prior to boarding. Kindly bring any of the following IDs: • Driver's License  • Passport • Company ID  • School ID  • SSS ID • GSIS ID • PRC ID • Other Government Issued IDs

3. Passengers who availed of a Senior Citizen discount, must present a Senior Citizen ID issued by Office of the Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA).

4. Senior Citizen discounts are applicable to Filipino Citizens or Filipino with Dual Citizenship as indicated in RA 9994.

5. Full-paying passengers are entitled to a FREE personal hand carried baggage allowance of 75 kilos with dimensions of no more than 20 inches in height and 30 inches in width per piece.  The Hand Baggage must fit into the passenger’s accommodation area and should not, in any way, obstruct passageways.

6. All baggages must be tagged with owners name and address.

Pregnant Women
Pregnant passengers are more than 28 weeks pregnant may be denied passage on the vessel.  Pregnant passengers who are less than 28 weeks pregnant must execute a waiver holding the Carrier free and harmless from any liability for any death or injury caused to the passenger or her unborn child, unless the same is due to the willful or negligent act or omission of the Carrier.  A pregnant passenger must present, upon boarding the vessel, a medical certificate attesting to her fitness to undertake the voyage indicated in their issued ticket. The Carrier reserves the right to refuse a pregnant passenger if it determines that she cannot undertake the voyage without causing harm to herself and her unborn child.

Livestocks are not allowed on board except for fighting cocks. However, fighting cocks must still secure quarantine certificates from the Bureau of Animal Industry and a bill of lading.


Pets and other animals (except for endangered species) are allowed on the vessel provided that they are properly caged and with quarantine certificates from the Bureau of Animal Industry and a bill of lading.


Plants and other flora (except for endangered species) are allowed on the vessel provided that proper documents are presented from the Bureau of Plant Industry.

Right to refuse boarding

2GO Travel reserves the right to refuse boarding of a passenger or cargo that will pose a threat to the security, peace and order, safety and health of passengers on the vessel.

Terms and Conditions of Passage:

The purchase of a 2GO Travel ticket by the passenger named herein shall be deemed to be an unconditional acceptance of the following conditions:

1. Non-Transferability.
The ticket is non-transferable and shall be used solely by the passenger named therein. Only the passenger named therein shall be entitled to any right to claim for compensation for injury or loss of life or property. Neither shall the Carrier be liable to a person who by deceit, misrepresentation, or under false identity, is given passage by the Carrier, acting in good faith.
2. Validity. The ticket is valid only for the voyage indicated herein and shall be deemed automatically cancelled if not used on the said voyage.
3. Compliance with Rules and Regulations. The passenger undertakes to faithfully comply with the rules and regulations of the vessel particularly those involving the maintenance of peace and order, safety and sanitation on board the vessel. A passenger is prohibited from carrying flammable, combustible or highly volatile chemicals or substances, deadly or bladed weapons and firearms, explosives, firecrackers and similar materials and any other items which may jeopardize the navigational procedures of the vessel and the general safety of the vessel and passengers.
4. Liability of the Carrier. The passenger voluntarily agrees and hereby acknowledges that the Carrier shall not be liable for death, injury or delay to the passenger including those inflicted by a co-passenger or crew, self destruction or self-inflicted injuries whether the insured be sane or insane at the time of commission and/or loss, damage or delay to the Passenger's baggage arising from any and all types of fortuitous events, lost or accidents proximate cause of which is solely attributable to the passenger, compliance with navigational safety requirements and other causes beyond the control of the Carrier. It is agreed that the term "baggage" shall mean only such property that is necessary for the personal use of the passenger during the voyage, excluding all money, jewelry, merchandise securities and other articles of similar nature for which the carrier shall not be liable unless transported

under a Bill of Lading. The liability of the Carrier in case of loss, damage or delay to the passenger's baggage shall be limited to Six Thousand Pesos (P6,000.00) per passenger, excluding the former's liability for the passenger's baggage covered by a bill of lading. The Carrier shall have no liability whatsoever for the loss of life or bodily injury or any other loss, damage or delay in connection with this voyage unless a written notice of claim (i) is presented to the Carrier within thirty (30) days, or (ii) unless a suit is instituted within ninety (90) days from the day the passenger disembarks the vessel or from the day the vessel assumes no responsibility to replace such ticket. It can no longer be refunded nor revalidated.
5. Refunds and Revalidations. Refunds and revalidation will only be accepted at the Corporate Office provided the lawful passenger named on the ticket can present the complete set of unused ticket with no alterations and valid proof of identity of passenger with picture. Surcharge will be levied for all ticket refunded and revalidated. All surcharges stated herein are subject to change anytime without prior notice. No partial refunds shall be given for tickets availed on room rates. Tickets issued Free of Charge may not be revalidated or refunded.
A NO SHOW FEE will be charged for refunded and/or revalidated tickets after vessel depature.
6. Lost Ticket. 2GO Travel is not liable and assumes no responsibility to replace lost eticket itinerary receipt/s that have been converted already to physical 2GO Travel boarding tickets. Lost 2GO Travel ticket is lost.
7. Check-in Time.  Passenger with cargo or Checked Baggage must check-in at least (4) hours before departure of the vessel.  All passengers must go through security inspection before proceeding to pre-departure area and boarding.
8. Discontinued Voyage. In case the vessel cannot continue or complete the voyage at any cause whatsoever, the Carrier reserves the right to cancel the ticket and refund the passenger the unused cost of said ticket or revalidate for another schedule/ destination.
9. Vessel Schedule, Cancellation and Delays.  The sailing schedule of the vessel may be changed without prior notice.  The Carrier will exert reasonable efforts to notify affected passenger of any change but in no case shall the Carrier be liable for any direct, indirect and consequential losses and/or damages and/or expenses that the passenger may suffer due to such change, cancellation or delay in vessel schedule.
10. Change of Schedule. Sailing schedule of the vessel may be changed without prior notice.
11. Change of Fare. Fare rates are subject to change at anytime without prior notice.
12. Unauthorized Alterations. Any unauthorized alteration or perforation of this ticket shall render the same null and void.
13. Fare of Minors. Passengers eleven (11) years old and below must pay the prescribed rate as determined by carrier from time to time based on prevailing industry rates. Minor should not be allowed to board the vessel unless accompanied by an adult.
14. Venue of Action. Any court action arising from this transaction/contract shall be subject to the Jurisdiction of the relevant courts of Manila to the exclusion of any other court.
It is hereby understood that terms and conditions in this instrument shall (1) constitute the entire agreement between the parties and that the ticket holder have read and understood the contents thereof; and (2) shall not be governed by the rules on contracts of adhesions.

Hotline Numbers:
For more information regarding your ticket, please feel free to call us at (+63 2) 528-7209 from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 7:30pm Philippine Time GMT +8hrs or email us at

Corporate Offices and Branches:


(02) 404 3411 local 108


(032) 234 9631


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(085) 342 8529 / 2256353


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PUERTO PRINCESA (048) 4345872


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(62) 9926114

*Branch Agency only

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Disclaimer: Terms and Conditions of the Passenger Ticket are subject to change without prior notice. Applicability of the Terms and Conditions is based on the actual ticket issued to the passenger at the time of its purchase.